How to soften your palms using vaseline

One minute method to soften your palms

Wash and dry your hands for 10second then apply vaseline and massage for 30second in a circular manner then wash it worth clean water and dry it for 20second then your hands will be soft

Method two: the overnight method

This method is so good and very easy

All you need is just a pair of socks or gloves then your vaseline. Firstly u wash ur hands and dry with a clean tower then apply ur Vaseline in a circular manner and massage for 30second the put on ur socks or gloves and go to bed.

When u get up your hands will be very solf

Home made remedies to grow your hair and remove mark on your face

Rice water is very good to grow your hair and face treatment

Select and wash rice and put in a container for 24 hours then drain the rice and use the water for your face and your hair for seven days make sure u store the water in a cold place. Rice water help to soften your hair makes it grow and prevent hair breakage